Carl Townsend's Vision Quotes

Carl Townsend's Servant Leadership Quotes

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708DeanShermanWas Jesus' glory greater on the mountain where it was manifested, or in the valley when he was serving people. The glory was not in a place, it was in the man and the man is in YOU (Col.1:27). We need to go up the mountain often, but we also need to come down to meet need with confidence just as often.
712RickWarrenWhen everyone wants to be a leader, you get conflict,not progress but a church full of servants will have unity & growth.
719Martin LutherKingI donít want to be the Good Samaritan. I want to put street lights on the Jericho Road. I want to clean the road up. I want to create a city of peace, goodwill, and love.
739DanRockwellServing is living, living is serving.
791GrahamCookeItís important to break down the barriers of leadership. If youíre in this thing because you want title, status and position then youíre in it for the wrong reason. Itís not about superior and subordinate. Itís not about master and servant. Itís about people connecting. I donít need to reinforce my title or status or position. I just need to use my influence to empower people to take a step up in their own life.

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