Beyond Illusion: Leading from Reality

Table of Contents

By Carl Townsend

Part 1 Failed Leadership

      Chapter 1: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

      Chapter 2: Living in the Illusion

Part 2: The Illusion – The Perceived Wilderness

      Chapter 3: Facing the Leadership Illusion

      Chapter 4: The Illusion We Each Face

      Chapter 5: The Illusion of the Lost Place

Part 3: From Wilderness to Vision

      Chapter 6: The Path from the Wilderness – Seeing from the Heart

      Chapter 7: Praying the Reality into Existence

      Chapter 8: Guidelines for Strategic Vision Praying

      Chapter 9: The Call

      Chapter 10: The Audacity of Faith

Part 4: From Vision to Reality Leadership

      Chapter 11: Leading to Reality: Upsetting the Equilibrium

      Chapter 12: Leading to Place and Vision

      Chapter 13: Serving Leadership

      Chapter 14: Leading from Compassion

      Chapter: 15: The New Ekklesia

      Chapter 16: The Church and Spiritual Gifts

      Chapter 17: The Church, Leadership, and Authority

      Chapter 18: The Reality of Spiritual Warfare

      Chapter 19: The Awakening

Appendix A: Nehemiah’s Challenge


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